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What God Wants You To Know

I had a different post ready to publish, but God put this in my heart to share instead…

I see you. I see you trying so hard to keep it together. Lean on Me. I’m the only One who can help you.

I know your heartache. You think no one understands. I do.

I do not hold your past over your head like you think I do. I have forgiven you.  You need to forgive yourself. Let go of the shame. You asked me to forgive you, so I remember your sins no more. I have washed you white as snow. White as snow!

Your worth is found in Me. You can’t control how others react to you or even how they feel about you. Others may reject you, but I never will!

You are my precious child. Stop running, and let Me hold you. I have hand-picked you to work with me. I am the Creator of the universe, and I chose you!

I know the sin you’re struggling with. Stop trying to hide it, and give it to Me. You can’t fix yourself. Only I can fix you. Hand it over to me, and I will set you free.

Don’t hide from me. I knew what I was getting into when I chose you. I already knew all the mistakes you would make and all of the ways you would fail. I still chose you! You have not surprised me or disappointed me. 

I have given you a very important role that only you can fill. I have given you gifts, and I need you to recognize them as valuable! Serve others with them. Serve Me with them. You will surprisingly be blessed in return.

I am your Lord and Savior. Let me be your Rock!

I am your Provider and Healer. Let me be your Sustainer!

I died for you. Please hear Me. I died for YOU!

I am your life.  

I love you, and you are My favorite!

Those are not just words…I want you to feel them and hear them with your heart…

I love you, and you are My favorite!

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3 thoughts on “What God Wants You To Know

  1. I hear this as a beautiful simple prophecy from the heart of God as He calls out to those whose hearts have been tightly shut up in walls of self made protection. Open your heart wide and believe in His love for you. It is a risk you will be ever so glad you took!

  2. The Lord led me to “What God wants you to know” message today. It arrived like “apples of gold in settings of silver” — — so timely. The words you penned will bring life & freedom to a few women I’ve been ministering to. They are the very words they’ve needed to hear. Bless you for hearing God’s Heart for others. May His blessings return 100-fold to you & yours!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Bobbi. It still amazes me that when God speaks something, it is “timely” forever. 🙂 I still have trouble wrapping my head around that one, but it’s so wonderful to know!

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