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God is Pursuing Us!

The bible is filled with many examples of how God pursues us, but (to be honest) I have gone through times when it feels like He just tolerates my efforts in trying to please Him.

While I have known God loves me, I have sometimes felt more like He was grading or evaluating me (as a teacher or supervisor would) rather than Him having any kind of real desire for spending time with me.

God started to not only show me how much He loves me, but how much He likes and delights in me as well.

One summer I was taking my kids to summer camp at a local community college, and I noticed a walking trail on campus. I am not normally one who has loved walking, but since hurting my back, walking is one form of exercise that always feels good to do and never hurts.

As I looked at that trail winding around the trees and hills around the perimeter of the campus, I felt such incredible LIFE looking at that trail and knew God was prompting me to start walking on it.

I sensed such a “knowing” in my spirit that walking on this trail would not only strengthen me physically, but it would also serve to strengthen me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as well. That particular year was a trying one, and everything in my life felt quite delicate. Delicate…and totally out of my control. It was filled with financial stress, ongoing health insurance issues, relationship trials, relentless physical problems for all four of us in our family, etc.

It would have been really easy to stand still in fear and let life pass me by (which I did a lot of) instead of getting up, walking with Him and trusting He will never forget about me or my family.

For the first time in many years, I felt Him pursuing me.

My heart melts knowing He wants me to walk with Him! This may sound so ordinary to many people reading this post. You may be thinking, “Big deal”. I often feel God prompting me to do something for Him, but this is so different. He wasn’t prompting me to do something for Him, it was to do something with Him. He wants to spend time with me.

There are times on my walks with Him where all I do is listen for His voice. Other times I just talk (and talk) to Him, knowing He delights in walking with me and listening to everything I’m saying. He’s not rolling His eyes, checking his phone or losing interest while paying attention to something else. He is delighting in me.

THIS is what I was searching for, and I believe this is what many of us have been searching for.

The desire to be pursued is something many women have. We are all imperfect people, and no single person could ever meet our deepest needs the way our Creator can. Being pursued is a desire of my heart that had gone unmet for a very long time. Sometimes my life (like many others) can be filled with people needing me for one thing or another, but not consisting of anyone who truly seeks me out just purely out of wanting to spend time with me.

Knowing God is pursuing me is amazing. Nothing has ever made me feel more special. Not. Even. Close.

I still love driving to the college knowing He is expecting and waiting for me. Only our Creator knows the depths of our needs, and He is the only One who can truly fulfill them.

Do you know that you are being pursued? Even better, the King of kings is the One pursuing you.

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2 thoughts on “God is Pursuing Us!

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