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Demonic Oppression: Is It Real?

*Update: 11/2015 – After writing this post, I have received many emails regarding deliverance. Please refer to the resources I have listed at the end of this post if you have a question or need help in this area. ~ Amy

Many years ago, I never would have thought that I’d be writing this post. I had never heard of demonic oppression, and I’m sure I would have been highly skeptical of it if I did. I guess a lot has happened since then!

I talk a lot on this blog about my life changing dramatically over the last several years, and much of that is due to being set free from demonic oppression. I’ve never been sure how to explain all of this on my blog, since it can be a such a complex and sometimes controversial subject, but I finally took the time to write a few posts about it all to share with you what I have learned and experienced first-hand in my own life.

I admit that I have been nervous to write a series like this, because I’m not sure how people will respond to it.  I have finally chosen to write about it all, though, because demonic oppression can be a very real component to why many people are not experiencing the freedom that Christ died for us to have.

I pray that you will continue with me through this post and the next while I explain a lot about demonic oppression and deliverance.  When I speak about my life changing in countless ways, this subject is what started “the ball rolling” in the freedom I have experienced.

Despite the exaggerations and craziness that is sometimes portrayed by the world and media concerning it all (“The Exorcist”, for example), demonic oppression is very real.  My pastors did a message series on this subject a few months ago, and one of their statements has really stuck with me:

The worst kind of captive is a prisoner unaware.

First of all, demons are very real. This may sound like something I’m making up from a horror story, but demons are mentioned all throughout the bible.  If we don’t know that Christ died to set us free from them, will we ever seek deliverance?

I believe that this affects many more people in the church than is often recognized.  While it’s true that Christians cannot be possessed by the devil (since we are Christ’s possession), we are still able to be oppressed by demons.

It’s not only from the outside that satan can attack us – even as Christians.  There are many references in the bible of Jesus casting demons out of people. When we give our lives to Christ, we are not always automatically delivered from all of the demons that have afflicted us.

Once we are saved, our spirits are renewed, but we still have our souls (mind, will and emotions) that need renewed. When we give our lives to Christ and are born again, our souls are not instantly renewed. (Wouldn’t that be nice?!) This is why we must learn who we are in Christ and work on renewing our minds. This explains how we can have the Holy Spirit inside of us yet still have demons that need to go. (Please stick with me! :))

I’m not suggesting that we, as Christians, have demons controlling us.  God has given us free will, and the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. Demons do have the ability to oppress us, though. We are all in a spiritual battle that we may not be able to see, but is very real.

Ephesians 6:12 says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”.

I know that this is a subject that many people are very suspicious of, depending on what your background is, and I understand that.  Even mentioning the word “demon” probably makes a lot of people uneasy.  It’s mentioned throughout the bible, though, which settles the matter for me.

I am hoping that you will stick with me in this post and the ones following, because this is not just something that I have learned in a book.  This is something that’s talked about in the bible, and it is also something that I have personally experienced, so I know how real it is.  My life has changed in so many areas since being set free.

What are some signs of demonic oppression or torment?

  • Strongholds (any thought pattern that controls our emotions and behavior)
  • Recurring nightmares
  • Feeling a constant compulsion to do something you know is a sin
  • Irrational fear, anxiety, anger
  • Irrational behavior
  • Constant feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt, suicidal thoughts
  • Frequent sickness – especially those “mystery” illnesses that doctors cannot find the origin for.
  • Sexual compulsions

Those are just a few examples of how demonic oppression/torment might be recognized in our lives.  The good news is, Jesus came to set us free!  It’s important to know that we don’t need to fear the devil if Jesus is our Savior.

Malachi 4:2-3 says, “But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves. Then you will trample on the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I act,” says the LORD Almighty.

When I first learned about demonic oppression years ago, I started thinking that everything was demonic. That’s just not so. It’s far more common than many people realize, though. This is why I’m writing this post.

Many people are in bondage, and they don’t realize that they are being held down by demonic oppression.

How do people become oppressed by demons?  There are a few main ways that we let the enemy into our lives.

  1. Sexual contact outside the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman.
  2. Unrepentant anger, fear, unforgiveness, strongholds, traumatic events, soul ties.
  3. Any involvement in the occult, idolatry.
  4. Generationally inherited

What do we do if we suspect demonic oppression in our lives?  Join me next week as I write about the topic of deliverance: Deliverance: Truth or Hoax?

I recommend any of Neil Anderson’s books for anyone who may want additional info. that goes beyond the scope of what I have explained in this post.  There is so much to this topic, and he does a great job at going into a lot of easily understood detail about it all.  He focuses on biblical aspects of healing, deliverance, bondage and many other subjects all relating to the freedom that Jesus died for us to have. 

If you need to talk to someone personally about concerns of demonic oppression, I recommend you check out the Above and Beyond Christian Counseling website. They are very knowledgeable and skilled in this area if you are seeking help.

*5/14/15 – I also want to mention the Interactive Prayer Network in Cavite (Phillipines) for anyone in that area who is seeking this kind of ministry. They have been very helpful for a young woman I know who lives there, so I wanted to pass their contact info. along as well.

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36 thoughts on “Demonic Oppression: Is It Real?

  1. Well done. The Neil Anderson books are used as the basis of the courses run by Freedom in Christ Ministries.

    Another good book is Demolishing Strongholds by David Devenish.

  2. A very good introduction to the topic of demonic oppression.

    In regard to Neil T. Anderson, I’m not a big fan. However, there are some useful things to be gleaned from his writing so I’d never dismiss them out of hand. My biggest issue with Neil is he blames EVERYTHING on demons. Some times it’s our own flesh we are contending with simply because we are human beings in a fallen world.

    I look forward to reading your series.

  3. Well written! I completely agree with what you said. Like you, I knew very little about demonic oppression until I was also delivered of Spirit of Rejection and Freemasonry at a spirit-filled church a few years ago. I have been passionate about deliverance ever since and have read a lot on the subject including Don Dickerman who my friend received deliverance from in TX. I’m currently reading “Prayers That Heal the Heart” by Mark Virkler which approaches deliverance through counseling and specific prayers. I now attend a small “inner-city” church where there is a lot of oppression–people are constantly sick, under strongholds, and spiritual blockage. I’ve tried talking to my Pastor, sending him info on deliverance w/scriptures, recommending books and giving him Neil Anderson’s book. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in demons but he disagreed that mental illness is caused by them and that prayer doesn’t always heal people if they don’t deal with the spiritual root of their illness. I’m praying he would see the need so I could start teaching on it at my church because as Hosea wrote, “people perish for lack of knowledge.” It’s hard for me to attend a church where leadership doesn’t believe as you do.

  4. This post helped me a lot. My son who 13 I be-leave has demonic oppression. I found out when he was 3 that he was being abused by his biological father. I got full custody of him, but the damage was already done, when he was little he would tell me that the bad man used to draw markings on him and light candles in sit him in a circle. Now he says he does not remember, we have sought counseling for him, but was no help he refused to talk about it. He is on medication, but it only works for a few months, then on to the next dose or brand. He is getting worse he often tells me he hears the voices and they are getting stronger , they tell him bad things. Being a christian woman I often can feel and since the demonic when it comes to my son,he is a totally different boy and not my son. (yet he is) I pray all the time and will keep praying,my son says he be leaves in GOD but refuses to read the bible or anything about it. My heart hurts for him everyday. I search the web to try and get answers to how I can help him and to assure myself that I am not crazy that there are demons that DO attack us, and that maybe there is hope for my child and that we are not alone….

    1. Thank you for sharing your problem. I want to pray that God delivers you and your son from demonic oppression in the name of Jesus and our God can be glorified.

    2. keep praying . god is the answer. and prayer in numbers is great. seek out church if not going and have payer. read everyday scripture on deliverance and on being torments and protection from the enemy . read out loud every dy. god will deliver your son from being tormented. ask god to also renew his mind also. read scripture on rendw minds like jesus. god loves all his children . ye ask and ye shall be given. ye knock and ye shall open. god will help you and your son. believe and have faith in him.

    3. Corin,

      We are going through the same thing with my sister right now, who is in her 40’s, and this just recently became an issue with her. She’s severely oppressed, and we have been praying since 2009 for her. She gets better, then worse, has had demons talk through her and had face contortions and everything. The only thing I can tell you is to go to your pastor, get teh books by Neil Anderson, and follow the “Steps to Freedom in Christ”, but with a professional pastor or Christian counselor with you, so that you are not alone. Be praying for him constantly, as I’m sure you already are. The pastor that helped us, Mark Anderson, has dealt with this for over 20 years. He said he has to pray in every room of his house every morning and night, for protection, as he and his family get attacked quite often due to his helping so many people with their oppression. Pastor Anderson lives in Illinois, but if you would like to call him, let me know and I can give you his phone number. Maybe he can help.

      I recently e-mailed Dr. Neil Anderson’s website, Freedom in Christ Ministries, because he is very well-versed in this subject. We are at our wits end with my sister’s problem, and hoping that they can help too.

      God bless,

      1. Hi Ms Karen,

        Good day. My name is Hannah and I’m from the Philippines. I would like to kindly ask for Pastor Mark Anderson’s contact number or email address (if you have it too) because I’m going through a demonic oppression too, which started last December 2014, and it was traumatic and painful.

        I thought perhaps I could get some sort of help and hopefully, some prayers from him although he’s thousand of miles away. I have sought help from my head Pastor already and he has already endorsed my case to a Pastor assigned to counsel me.

        Thanks and hope to hear from you. God bless. x

    4. I have been going thru the same thing, well my daughter and i, i have had a pastor to the house twice, after that didn’t work, i had a paranormal team to the house, still no effect on this demon, it’s getting stronger, while we get weaker, help please

  5. I am a christian and love God I had a exorcism two weeks ago there was two demons in me I have heard if you are a christian you can not have a demon.I have lots of witness that were in the church i didnt believe either i lost over a hour of time God protected me completly during the entire process a lot of preachers dont agree this was possiable again like you said read your bible just because someone is a pastor and tells you different read the Word of God

  6. I am currently dealing with demonic oppression with my teenage daughter who is epileptic. She started out drawing pics, i ignored them at first, then when i started getting woke up at 2,3,4 a.m every night i knew something was wrong. I’m spiritual, but not religious, because its hard for me to figure out which religion is right. However, my mother and sister are very religious, so we call a pastor, he comes and blesses me, my daughter, and our home, twice! My daughter was even baptized, after none of that worked, i called a paranormal team out, they did a cleansing and put a barrier around our house. Still not working. What started out as one demon has now turned into 4. I’m not sure what to do at this point, i want my daughter back, she’s just not in there any more, her pupils get big and little at times, which is a sign of manifestation, my life has been like a horror movie since February, help!

    1. I’m so sorry for what you and your daughter are going through. I wouldn’t contact any more paranormal teams, because that will cause additional spiritual warfare/demonic activity. You need someone who can take you through this step-by-step, and I would recommend Above and Beyond Counseling Ministries. They are well-trained licensed Christian Counselors who take people through deliverance. Their website is very helpful, also, if you want to browse through it. I will be praying for your daughter. Jesus is her Healer and Deliverer, and I will stand in faith for her to be set free from this.

  7. Thank you for your post. I am too a spiritually oppressed and know how hard it can be to talk about to people (believers and nonbelievers). It is very real and expressed throughout the bible. I wanted to ask people to keep an open mind when talked about because it is not an easy thing to experience. Im still seeking help with thoughts, depression, anger, sleeplessness and yes demonic attacks at night. For people experiencing demonic oppression there can be a feeling of hopelessness, fear, confusion, anxiety, thoughts that wouldn’t be considered normal can become twisted to a demonically oppressed person and can lead to strong feelings of temptation and sin. I have also had horrific images come to mind. Extreme thoughts of suicide and self infliction as well. Nothing seems to help or take away the pain. I’m writing this to not scare people but to use this as an outlet. I have often felt alone throughout this. This message is for anyone who might be experiencing these things as I have.

    1. I’m sorry for what you have been though, Krystal. I know all too well the crazy and scary thoughts that can go through your head. Satan tries so hard to make us (and everyone else) think it’s our own thoughts, when it’s Him all along. He has come to kill, steal and destroy. A website that has really been quite informational for me is the Above and Beyond Counseling Website. I would recommend checking it out. They have tons of info on there (concerning deliverance, demonic oppression, etc.) that I think might find helpful. Thank you for leaving a comment for others, so they know they are not alone! It’s not an easy subject to talk about, especially if you feel like you are alone in it all. I understand about writing to process things as well. I’m the same way! 🙂 ~ Amy

  8. Candace,
    Your friend received no deliverance from a man, but from The Lord.
    Pastors are often falsely exalted for “their” deeds. Remember, The Lord himself wouldn’t be called good teacher. All glory to the father.

  9. We are all fighting our own battles. Being a Christian is not easy. GOD will protect you always if you stay in his light and never stop believing. I have to heaven and back. Flat lined twice. I am open to hear any questions and try to give advice through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  10. To the woman whose daughter she thinks is possessed: remember drug use changes the size of pupils . Meth and stimulants enlarge the pupil and heroin and opiates decrease the pupil size. Check her room in places like between the pages of a book or on the closet railing or any where that is completely unsuspect. Get familywhere app. on your phone. It may be a different situation than you think

  11. Amy,
    I came across your site today while searching for insight re demonic oppression, specifically by fear. By the grace of God, it has been Holy Spirit revealed to me in the last 48 hours that I have been under the oppression of at least one spirit (fear) for as long as I can remember (I am 62), even as a very young child. I was frequently bullied (elementary through junior high school). I believe the mental/emotional trauma of those episodes may have initiated my spiritual problem. I became gripped by an almost paralyzing fear that seemed to make me incapable of defending myself against these attacks (whether verbal or physical). The presence of this fear, compounded subsequently by feelings of incompetence, worthlessness, purposelessness, insecurity and non-existent self-esteem continued into my adult life. To make my long story short, let me just say it wreaked havoc in my adult life and sabotaged my life at every turn. Although I graduated from college and law school (even passing the Bar), I felt I was a phoney, masquerading as a competent, intelligent, capable person and I lived in constant fear of beyond “found out”. I, along with my family and friends watched confused and mystified as I squandered my education and promise of a successful career to do clerical work, often as an office temp. I was living in a dense fog of confusion about why I was doing this with my life; my shame and disappointment with myself led me into a state of chronic depression, followed by the on-set of a chronic auto-immune illness called Polymyalgia. I have been a Christian for over twenty years and despite my fervent prayers for insight and release from whatever had kept me in this state of spectacular under-achievement in every area of my life, I could get no further than the recognition that fear was somehow at the heart of my problems. But to the faithful, God shows Himself faithful and today I am inexpressibly grateful that He has enabled me to finally put two-and-two together. When I came to this sudden realization, I became so angry at the enemy as I thought about all that has been stolen and subverted in my life; I am now determined to be freed COMPLETELY, so that my God-given gifts can be redeemed to God’s glory and so that I might be of help to others victimized by the enemy in this way. Thank you for shining and sharing the light Amy. I would appreciate any thoughts and comments you might have, and particularly would like to know if others have had an experience similar to my own. Blessings…..

    1. Hi Dawn! I love the revelations that the Holy Spirit gives! I just wanted you to know that I read your comment and will be responding via e-mail soon. 🙂

    2. Dawn Perry, I can relate to your story. I am now 40 and feel like I have not accomplished anything in life. I have a feeling of worthlessness and struggle as you do to defend myself. I live in fear which has completely drained my self confidence as a result I have become a victim of intimidation, I face it at the office, I face it at home, even my husband feels he can just walk all over me. I graduated from the school of political science and in spite of my life experience and academic achievements I feel worthless. I truly believe that there is greatness in me, I believe God has great plans for me, I am a born again Christian and attend church regularly yet I struggle with oppression. Just like you Dawn, the devil has stolen so much from me. I thank God for this blog, before I came across this I felt so alone. I felt like I was the only one experiencing this. Many churches don’t believe in demonic oppression and manipulation leaving a vast majority of Christians suffering in silence. I want to be set free and experience the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Please help me Lord Jesus.

  12. To both Amy and Dawn Perry. Amen sisters and thank you both for sharing. My own story parallels Dawn’s and while I’ve just read Amy’s first post, my guess is it will as well. I have been a born again believer since 1985 but for the last 30 years, chose to find my own “answers” and have literally been on the run from God that entire time. That has led me to horrible decisions, depression, anxiety, fear, hate, anger, bitterness, etc. all brought upon myself through the allowed (meaning I have allowed this this to occur) oppression of evil in my life. As believers, Satan cannot have our eternal souls so he will do his utmost to ruin our lives and I believe that process starts between our ears. Even scientifically, it is known just how powerful our minds are and the effects our thoughts can have on our bodies. At only 40 years old, I’m a living example of the physical effect such negative influence can have on the body. But by God’s grace He always welcomes his children back with open arms and while He may not choose to heal all of the damage done, I’m confident He will heal my mind as I seek its renewal through Him and His word!

  13. Hello Amy,
    Pleased to meet you.

    This topic is so important.
    On January 8, 2014 the Lord spoke into my spirit as I awaken from my sleep. He said, an egg has hatch. At that moment I couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell me, so i didn’t pay much attention to these words. On January 13, 2014 something supernatural happen that link to the words spoken from the Lord. That very day i started feeling deliverance from evil spirits. That night the Lord spoke again and said, there’s 6 more eggs that need hatching. This was my experience as I was being deliver. From the depths of my belly and through my mouth came gusting winds. As i was being deliver my body shook violently. My tongue would wiggle and a shriek came out as the evil spirits exit my body. The amount of demons were around 20 or more. It would start out with a little labor pains, dizziness, unbalanced, weakness, than came like a pop feeling. Till today I’m still being deliver even though it had ceased a little. Theres more to my anazing experiance. In the book of John 8:36 So if the Son of man sets you free, you will be free indeed. I thank the Lord from the bottom of my heart for his compassion and love.


  14. I need help. I am currently under demonic oppression. The demon has given me its name. Dantalion. He says that he cannot posses me, so he chooses to haunt me in my dreams appearing as my loved ones, and even me.

    1. Hi Griff,

      I’m sorry that you are going through that.

      Don’t give up. Mine was worse, much worse. But JESUS provided help for me in the form of a deliverance and healing ministry here in the Philippines and HE is currently helping me in every way. The demon has a legal hold on you that is why you are being oppressed. There is most likely an opening in your life that needs to be shut off in Jesus Name.

      I hope you find help soon. God bless.

  15. Hi,

    I am from the Philippines. This is my story…

    A few months ago, while battling demonic oppression and nearing the end of my rope, I came across this blog entry and the Lord used it mightily to change my life. HE works in mysterious ways…

    I have been a Christian for many years but my heart wasn’t really right with God. I went to church every Sunday like I’m supposed to, attended a Bible study (I was even a leader for quite some time) but my heart really wasn’t into it, when it comes down to it. On the outside, I was a Christian but there were things in my life that weren’t in conformance to His will. No, it wasn’t the usual suspects – I didn’t drink booze, smoke cigarettes, swear or had PMS (thank God, the Lord was in control of my life), got in with the wrong crowd or anything like that – I was a relatively good girl – but I wasn’t really following Him. I was a Christian by mind, not really by heart. I stopped doing my devotions, for that matter, and got exposed to worldly stuff. And that is where the problem started….

    I started having demonic/Satanic mind attacks a few years ago. I was being tormented in my mind – there was one summer in college when I had to drop my subjects because I had no peace. Still the Lord was good, He enabled me to graduate with high grades despite those things. I kept quiet about this struggle for a long time, for fear of nobody understanding what was happening to me and because I like solving my problems on my own. I usually ask for help when I can’t take it anymore.

    Last December 2014, things turned ugly, the demonic oppression got worse. In fact, it was so worse that I started hearing demonic voices, seeing demonic/strange visions that seemed deceptively real, being taunted by demons, heard demonic laughter, had an attempted assault by an incubus, among others. Well, you get the picture. There were times I was being strongly induced to end my life. I was fighting a losing battle and crying to the Lord to rescue me. To make things worse, my evangelical church couldn’t really effectively help me. They didn’t really understand demonic oppression.

    Out of desperation, I started searching in the Internet for people going to the same thing. I came across this blog, made friends with Amy (the owner) and then one day she referred me the website of Interactive Prayer Network – http://ipncross.net/home. My dad contacted the church and the Lord used it mightily to deliver me and restore me.

    Interactive Prayer Network is a healing and deliverance ministry in Cavite, Philippines which the Lord is using mightily to set many people free from demonic oppression and heal them from sicknesses. Demonic oppression is a result from openings in our life caused by bondage with sin, deliberate disobedience, traumatic events, or even soul ties. It has to be shut off in Jesus Name and cut off any ties to sin so that the demonic torment will stop.

    After deliverance, one has to be careful with his/her spiritual life as Jesus said in Luke 11: 24-26 – “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes SEVEN other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.”

    I am sharing this because demonic oppression is a misunderstood and taboo topic here in the Philippines. Most Christian churches here don’t understand it and aren’t trained with spiritual warfare. Most importantly, I am sharing this to help others like me here who might read this and ask for help. You are not alone. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Jesus wants to set you free.

    I would like to give back the glory to the Lord for everything He has done for me – for setting me free, delivering me from my troubles, restoring me and changing my life. He has blessed me in so many ways. He is truly great. I have rededicated my life to Him since then and I’m now enjoying my growing love relationship with Him. He has even called me to a specific ministry…

    John 8:36- So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

    And indeed, I am free. Thank you, Lord. God bless! x

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