Author: Amy Riordan

Jesus has changed my life, and He continues to transform me from the inside out. My passion is to see people's hearts healed and set free while walking in an intimate relationship with Jesus.❤ ~ Amy Riordan
hope & encouragement, identity, same-sex attractions

Releasing My Pain and Regret To the One Who Healed My Heart

I was looking through my journal from a few years ago, and I wanted to share this with you. I wrote this entry one particular summer that Jesus was deeply healing my heart. I had been dealing with a lot of shame and self-condemnation regarding the same-sex attractions I had been having for so many years. …

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same-sex attractions, women & porn addiction

Breaking the Chains of Silence and Shame

I will never forget the first time I shared my testimony on my blog. I waited in fear, relief, and anticipation as I knew that many people would be finding out about my past for the very first time. Most of my own family didn’t know many of these things until I told them just days …

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hope & encouragement, temptation

Keep Persevering! (video)

We all go through times when we are doing all we know how to do, but nothing seems to be changing. It can be incredibly frustrating, and many times we can feel like giving up! I am in a season like that in my life right now, and I want to share a quick video of …

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hope & encouragement

It’s OK To Cry

You know that feeling… When the tears feel like they are going to burst through like a tsunami, but it just isn’t a good time to cry. You’re in public. You’re with your kids. You are at work. You have to prepare for a project or for people coming over to your house. You need to …

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