Author: Amy Riordan

Jesus has changed my life, and He continues to transform me from the inside out. My passion is to see people's hearts healed and set free while walking in an intimate relationship with Jesus.❤ ~ Amy Riordan
identity, same-sex attractions

When The Enemy Attacks Your Sexual Identity (It Starts With Just a Thought)

I recently received an email from a woman who suddenly started having intrusive thoughts telling her she is a lesbian. She wondered where those thoughts came from and was confused by it all. I have received other emails in the past from people who are bombarded with thoughts like this that seemingly come out of nowhere. …

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hope & encouragement

Do You Feel Overlooked by God or Rejected by Him? (video)

Dealing with an ongoing illness, stronghold, or other extended stressful situation can sometimes cause us to feel overlooked by God. I want to share with you what God showed me regarding a related situation in my own life. I believe this will encourage you…

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identity, same-sex attractions, temptation

You Are Not Alone in Your Battle With Same-Sex Attractions

I thought I was the only Christian woman who struggled with same-sex attractions, until a woman I knew told me that she struggled in the same way. She had no idea of my struggle. She was battling temptations and asked me to pray for her one day. It was at that point that I realized I was …

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hope & encouragement, identity, same-sex attractions

Releasing My Pain and Regret To the One Who Healed My Heart

I was looking through my journal from a few years ago, and I wanted to share this with you. I wrote this entry one particular summer that Jesus was deeply healing my heart. I had been dealing with a lot of shame and self-condemnation regarding the same-sex attractions I had been having for so many years. …

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