Author: Amy Riordan

Jesus has changed my life, and He continues to transform me from the inside out. My passion is to see people's hearts healed and set free while walking in an intimate relationship with Jesus.❤ ~ Amy Riordan
hope & encouragement

Waiting With an Expectant Heart

How often during the process of healing (or while we’re waiting for anything in life) do we feel as though we are going nowhere due to our own expectations? You know all of these thoughts:  “I should be over this by now.” ” I should be experiencing more of a breakthrough by now.” “Why am I still …

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hope & encouragement, women & porn addiction

Where to Find the Boldness to Share Your Porn Secret

Four years into my marriage I was buried in guilt and shame due to a porn addiction that no one (including my husband) knew about. The secrecy was killing me inside. Every single day I wished I could stop, but I didn’t know how. Day after day I promised myself that “today will be the …

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hope & encouragement, temptation

How I Learned To Fight Against Lust

Are you battling lust? Have you considered it harmless, because the man or woman you’re lusting after doesn’t even know about the thoughts you have been entertaining? You aren’t physically committing any kind of sin with them, right? God tells us differently: Matthew 5:28 says, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a …

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hope & encouragement, same-sex attractions

Are You in a Fierce Battle With Same-Sex Attractions? Don’t Give Up!

I originally did not have any plans to make a video today, but I felt like this is specifically for someone. I speak about ongoing struggles with same-sex attractions in this video, but this could really be applied to any strongholds that we deal with in life. Do you have an ongoing struggle with something …

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