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Are You Distracted? (video)

Distractions have a way of slowly getting us off track in regard to the direction God is leading us. Can you relate?

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4 thoughts on “Are You Distracted? (video)

  1. Hi Amy,
    I’m a mother in South Africa struggling terribly with the fact that my son, a barrister is married to his SS partner, also a barrister and now a famous actor. As much as I pray there seems no hope for these 2 amazing men to come out of it.
    And of course i dare not suggest anything.
    Besides unconditional love, do you have any prayers that might work better? Also, we don’t live in the same country.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Your unconditional love and prayers for him are so powerful. 🙂 These are some suggestions about what you might pray for in addition to what you are already praying, if perhaps you are not praying for this already. (You could pray this for his partner as well.)

      – That God would supernaturally reveal to your son who He created him to be.
      – That he would discover what true intimacy with Jesus is and recognize his true need for this.
      – That any deception would be removed and he would see what lies he is believing about who he is and who God is.
      – That he would recognize that his relationship with this other man is a form of idolatry and displeasing to God.
      – That God would place people in his life to minister LIFE to him.
      – That God would heal his heart and set him free from anything that is hindering his relationship with Him.
      – That he would experience wholeness and life with Jesus that he never knew was possible.
      – That he would suddenly feel convicted in being married to another man and start to search out the truth.
      – That he would know the neverending love of God for him in a much deeper way.

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